About Us

Our Mission

We want to change the way Bermuda eats!

We all know groceries are expensive in Bermuda and that eating a healthy diet is hard work here, thats why we created Bermy Recipe Box! We want to create more Bermy Chefs, cooking fresh meals every day at home with no fuss! Trying a few new cuisnes on the way! 

How We Got Started

We were tired of cooking the same meals each week or reaching for the takeaways. When we did brave the grocery store, we would end up throwing away so much food that either didn’t get eaten or went bad before we cooked it.

That’s why we created Bermy Recipe Box. We wanted an easy way for people to get the freshest ingredients from the local farms without having to visit 3 different stores!

We want to inspire a generation of new chefs that cook fresh meals at home with the family. Our instructions are so simple your kids can help too!

Stay in Touch

If you think of anything we can do better, have ideas of how we can help our community more or even just questions on our existing programs, plese get in touch!